Hammersmith Property Prices - April 2010

Average value falls from first quarter levels

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The latest sales data suggests that prices in the W6 area have drifted off since the beginning of the year.

After averaging over £600,000 in the first quarter of the year the average sale price in April for the W6 area was £ 537,182. This includes the sale of three properties for over £1,000,000.

The April data from Land Registry's House Price Index shows an annual price increase of 14.8% in London. For England and Wales prices are up by 8.5%. This is the sixth month in a row in which the figure has been positive and takes the average property value in England and Wales to £165,596.

The Nationwide House Price index for April shows a 10.1% increase the first double digit annual increase since 2007.

Commenting on the figures Martin Gahbauer, Nationwide's Chief Economist, said, "the more important driver of rising house prices has been the low level of stock for sale, as many homeowners and buy-to-let landlords continue to wait for prices to recover to peak 2007 levels before deciding to sell up or move. The very low level of interest rates has been supportive of this wait-and-see approach, particularly in the buy-to-let sector."

He is anticipating that prices will flatten out over the next few months due to the petering out of new buyer enquiries at estate agents offices and an increase in the number of instructions from sellers.

The latest reported sales are given in the table below.

The numbers below are subject to revision as is it usual that some properties are added late to the Land Registry's database.

Property Sales in Hammersmith - April 2010

Address Price Date
The Grampians, 123, Shepherds Bush Road, W6 7LZ £205,000 30/04/2010
19, Top Floor Flat, Lena Gardens, W6 7PY £567,311 30/04/2010
22, Flat A, Poplar Grove, W6 7RE £395,000 30/04/2010
Horton House, Flat 15, Field Road, W6 8HW £249,500 30/04/2010
The Grampians, 84, Shepherds Bush Road, W6 7LZ £190,000 30/04/2010
28, Kinnoul Road, W6 8NQ £730,000 29/04/2010
23, First Floor Flat, Humbolt Road, W6 8QH £446,879 27/04/2010
26, Kinnoul Road, W6 8NQ £840,000 27/04/2010
Thames Reach, 80, 10, Rainville Road, W6 9HS £715,000 27/04/2010
24, Rainville Road, W6 9HA £657,500 26/04/2010
266, Ground And Lower Ground Floor Flat, King Street, W6 0SP £382,000 26/04/2010
13, Studland Street, W6 0JS £612,500 23/04/2010
78, Cardross Street, W6 0DR £676,000 23/04/2010
29, Lower Maisonette, Overstone Road, W6 0AD £455,000 23/04/2010
9, Theresa Road, W6 9AQ £580,000 19/04/2010
4, Flat, Rosedale Terrace, W6 0HF £440,000 19/04/2010
7, Coulter Road, W6 0BJ £1,150,000 16/04/2010
160, Hamlet Gardens, W6 0TR £350,000 16/04/2010
30, Disbrowe Road, W6 8QF £528,000 16/04/2010
18, St Albans Terrace, W6 8HL £405,000 16/04/2010
80, Yeldham Road, W6 8JG £627,000 15/04/2010
10, Loris Road, W6 7QA £1,685,000 14/04/2010
97, Riverside Gardens, W6 9LF £250,000 14/04/2010
145, Hamlet Gardens, W6 0TR £435,000 13/04/2010
19, Nella Road, W6 9PB £737,500 13/04/2010
Irene House, Flat 4, Sulgrave Road, W6 7QP £300,000 12/04/2010
37, Flat 1, Mall Road, W6 9DG £240,000 08/04/2010
14, Kinnoul Road, W6 8NQ £570,000 08/04/2010
2, Riverside Gardens, W6 9LE £270,000 07/04/2010
25, Agate Road, W6 0AJ £1,540,000 06/04/2010
67, Banim Street, W6 0DN £490,000 01/04/2010
Yeldham House, Flat 14, Yeldham Road, W6 8JD £152,000 01/04/2010
145, Flora Gardens, W6 0HS £218,000 01/04/2010
42, Spencer Mews, W6 8PB £175,000 01/04/2010


Source: Land Registry

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