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Peter Wall Fitted furniture

hammersmith carpenter
020 8961 1097
07984 282566

"Peter Wall is without exception the most professional and talented carpenter I have ever used. He has made and fitted our wardrobes in all our bedrooms, replaced all of our internal doors and fitted our kitchen. Peter arrives early, finishes late and cleans up each day. He is a perfectionist and takes great pride in his work"
"The cabinet and shelf look really brilliant, we're delighted.. another perfect job."
"Not only are the units of superb quality but the attention to detail and the effort made to ensure the finished product is of the highest standard is exemplary. I know understand why Peter is in such high demand"
"I have used Peter Wall on three separate occasions over the last ten years and recommended him to countless friends. He is without doubt the most reliable craftsman we have ever used, and you can guarantee he will give you 100% perfect results every time"
"Peter Wall recently installed some bookshelves and cupboards for us, and we are very happy with the results. He provided a very prompt and professional service. The quality is great"

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Marc Bio
108 St. Albans Avenue
W4 5JR
020 8994 4305
Mobile 07951 854954

"My wife and I have known Marc for 15 years. During that time he has worked for us on at least six occasions building bedroom wardrobes, cupboards, radiator covers, kitchen worktops and, most recently, two large sets of bookshelves. We have always found his work exemplary. He is reliable, flexible and very easy to work with"
" Mark was very patient (I ask a lot of questions) and took the time to explain all the alternatives available even drawing sketches to show me what it would all look like. ... Mark was always prompt, clean and tidy and obviously has years of experience as a carpenter."

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