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Hubbard Pegman & Whitney
formed in October 2007 from the private client practice of Glenisters. HPW will continue the long tradition of serving clients in Hammersmith, Chiswick and the environs.

We offer services in the following areas as a specialist firm of solicitors:

  • Personal Injury
  • Wills and Probate
  • Residential and Commercial Conveyancing
  • Family Law
  • Property Litigation

Hubbard Pegman & Whitney LLP
7 King Street Cloisters, Clifton Walk, King Street, London W6 OGY
020 8735 9770

Wilson Finlay Solicitors

1 Hammersmith Grove, Hammersmith, W6 0NB
020 3178 4925

All aspects of commercial real estate property transactions. Business needs which necessitate property involvement, and those within property arena.  Partner service & experience.

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