"Cuts Threaten Community Groups"

According to local Labour MP Andy Slaughter


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Over 100 voluntary and community groups are threatened with closure because they are losing their income, premises or both, Labour MP, Andy Slaughter said.

In his weekly newsletter, the MP said: “I thought it was important to hear what constituents were saying before expressing my own opinions and to give the coalition government and new Council the chance to set out their policies. Sadly, it is already all too clear that both intend to cut public services to a degree that goes far beyond what is necessary to tackle the budget deficit, and in a way that may cause a further slump, irreparably damage the welfare state and make the poorest pay.

"I am not even going to try and cover the attacks on public and voluntary services in detail today, but I will explain them over the coming weeks. This is a summary of the announcements so far that will have most impact on residents here.

• The fire sale of nine major public buildings will throw scores of local groups onto the streets and deprive us of historic and unique sites for good.

• Voluntary groups currently funded by the Council will lose on average just under 20% of their grants. For small organisations with low overheads even this can mean closure

• Every one of 20 schools for secondary age children living in my constituency loses every penny of its improvement funds. This adds up to £210m for the ones in Hammersmith & Fulham alone.

• Cuts to welfare benefits and tax rises will hit the disabled (Disability Living Allowance), families (tax credits and Child Benefit) and pensioners (VAT). But the most dramatic effects in Hammersmith will be felt by those families receiving Housing Benefit

I will put the full list of premises, groups and schools affected on my website. You can see what I’ve been saying on these issues in Parliament on my website http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/andy_slaughter/hammersmith


The views expressed in this column are those of the MP, Andy Slaughter in his weekly newsletter and do not reflect the opinions of Neighbourhood Net or the editors. We are requesting all party MPs to submit a weekly update to editor@hammersmithtoday.co.uk to express their views.

July 21, 2010