The Addison Singers Are Going To Vienna

Singing Mozart's Requiem Mass in St Stephen's Cathedral

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A local choir group has been invited to perform at a prestigious cathedral in Vienna next month. The Addison Singers will sing Mozart’s ‘Requiem Mass’ at the magnificent St. Stephen’s Cathedral following an invitation made last year. The event is a prestigious one as only a small number of choirs are invited to perform there every year.

The Addison Singers are West London’s biggest group of choirs, ( both classical and jazz choirs), formed in 1979, and mainly performing in Chiswick and Hammersmith.

The Addison Singers Are Going To Vienna

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, built in the 12th Century was Mozart’s “own” cathedral where he spent much time during his life.

Around 60 members of the AS Oratorio and Chamber Choirs will be travelling to Vienna to sing the Requiem on Saturday 2nd May. A member of the Addison Singers said; “We’re particularly proud and honoured to be singing there as only a few performances per year are allowed by the cathedral, so we’re extremely excited to be going to this beautiful city and performing this incredibly moving work in the place which Mozart himself loved.”

The Requiem was composed in Vienna in 1791, but was left unfinished by the Mozart’s death on December 5th of that year. The work was then completed by Franz Sussmayr in 1792 and delivered to Count Franz von Walsegg, who had anonymously commissioned the piece for a Requiem Mass to commemorate the anniversary of his wife’s death. The fact that it was the last work that Mozart ever composed has given rise to the general feeling that this is a moving Requiem for Mozart himself.


Mozart’s Requiem Mass, Saturday 2nd May at 8.30pm, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Stephansplatz 3, Vienna.   Tickets available in advance, or on the door.




April 25, 2015

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