‘Harry Potter Fans Brace Themselves for the Real Studio Experience’

Warner Brothers open Studio Tour to the public

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To book tickets, go to www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/


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The books may be magical but their transformation into the most successful film franchise of the last decade took the hard work and dedication of a great many of us mere muggles. In fact, the Harry Potter UK films are largely responsible for a renaissance in the nations film industry, having provided opportunities for talented UK filmmakers to learn and practice their art. For too long the only option was to up sticks and make the move to Hollywood, but after a decade of filming in the UK a pool of talent has been nurtured, whilst being allowed to remain on our shores. A veritable who’s who of the cream of England’s acting talent have made appearances in the series, garnering critical acclaim and record box office takings.

Some of the UK’s most beautiful scenery has also featured prominently in the movies, with a many of our historical buildings and stunning countryside standing in to recreate the intensely imagined fantasy that JK Rowling gave to the world.

This is a boon for families that have been entranced by the movies, offering opportunities to visit locations and step into the movie. This year, Harry Potter themed days out take a leap into the stratosphere with the launch of a brand new multi million pound Harry Potter Studio Tour based on the movies.

This attraction, which is the first of its kind in the UK, offers fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter. Alongside the chance to visit sets from the movies, fans can interact with props, costumes and learn all about the magical process of making films that brings those dearly loved books to life on the silver screen.

The Warner Studio Tour looks to emulate the runaway success of equivalent American projects, where studios throw open their doors to give fans access to the magic of filmmaking. Such has been the success of these enterprises that they have become a key part of the American tourist industry.

Most studio tours have a blockbuster franchise at their heart, and the obvious choice for an English version is the Harry Potter films. Interestingly, this flow of ideas was actually reversed with the Pirates of The Caribbean movies, which took inspiration from a wildly popular ride.

Parents can let out a sigh of relief in the knowledge that this is one day out that you kids will be guaranteed to enjoy. Why not make a booking and let your young ones practice their wizardly ways. Daniel Radcliffe wore out over 60 wands during the making of the Harry Potter films and this is the sort of memorabilia that fans can interact with. Younger children will be stupefied by encounters with magical creatures whilst those that are older (and their parents) can expect to finish the day with a greater understanding and respect for the delicate art of cinema.

With feverish excitement already building we strongly recommend making a booking, as the deluge of interest has seen tickets snapped in record times.


April 20, 2012