Bridge Crash Misses TV News Presenters "By a Whisker"

Sky's Isabel Webster and BBC's Kate Silverton both close to collision

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Two TV news presenters missed yesterday's crash close to Hammersmith Bridge 'by a whisker'

BBC presenter Kate Silverton and Sky News' Isabel Webster both had a narrow escaped as a police chase led to an out of control care smashing into another at the top of Castlenau in Barnes.

Isabel 31, who was in her car with her husband Liam Pearce, 31, who she married six weeks ago, tweeted @sunriseisabel:
" Just witnessed a hit n run in Castlenau, SW London. Missed me by an inch. Praise to @metpoliceuk who managed to catch the offender. #shaking "

Later she told the Evening Standard: " We were at the junction turning left and we pulled out when the light was green. We heard this huge crash, and this car I’m guessing was doing 60 to 70 miles an hour. The car span around about four or five times and stopped when it hit a bollard on the other side of the road.

“The driver looked dazed and confused and then he got out of the car and started running away. We pointed to the police car which way he was going.

“We were really shaken, both of us. It was a miracle that we weren’t hit. It was just luck that no-one else was hurt, the guy was out of control. It was definitely one of my nine lives."

Meanwhile, BBC presenter Kate, 44 was also close to the crash, walking by with her three year-old daughter Clemency and four month-old baby Wilbur.

She tweeted @katesilverton1: " Dramatic car chase, missed us by a whisker too, walking pram and with toddler, thank goodness no one seriously hurt."

Hammersmith Bridge was closed for much of yesterday afternoon after a VW Passat being pursued by a marked police vehicle collided with a Vauxhall Astra at around 1.05pm at the junction of Castelanau and Lonsdale Road in Barnes.

The male driver of the Astra sustained a neck injury in the crash and has been taken by London Ambulance Service to hospital.His injuries not thought to be life threatening or life changing this stage.

The driver of the VW Passat fled the scene but was arrested nearby on suspicion of dangerous driving.

A spokeswoman for London Ambulance Service said: " We received a call about a road traffic accident between two cars at Castelnau at 1.06pm. We sent an ambulance crew who treated a man for a neck injury. He was sent as a priority to St. George's Hospital."

Witnesses said the speeding vehicle had been involved in two earlier collisions, hitting a car on the A3 and another - driven by a heavily-pregnant woman - on nearby Rocks Lane.


Video of Crash Scene


Serious Accident Closes Hammersmith Bridge

Picture: @sbman

Unconfirmed reports including the following post on Twitter from former MP Gyles Brandreth suggest that a police car may have been involved in the collision.


Debris strewn around junction of Castelnau and Lonsdale Road

Picture: @sarah_captureit



November 12, 2014