Five Arrests in Hammersmith Over ATM Theft

Elderly warned to be vigilant at ATMs

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Hammersmith & Fulham Police have been recently targeting suspects involved in distraction thefts at cashpoints in and around the King Street area. The elderly are often targeted using a number of distraction techniques whereby they often obtain both the card and PIN number details of the victim.

Hammersmith Broadway Safer Neighbourhoods Team responded to one of their ward priorities recently by setting up a week long operation. A total 5 arrests have been made with a further 2 people to be arrested in the near future. An arrest of note involved a male who was seen jostling a number of people in a queue for a cashpoint near Hammersmith Broadway. He was immediately stopped and searched. The male was found with over £400 in cash and a later search revealed three bank cards in his possession in other people's names. One of the cards was later reported stolen by means of distraction at a cashpoint machine.

Sergeant Chris Jackson from Hammersmith Broadway SNT Team said, "Those individuals who carry out offences across London will soon realise that Hammersmith Broadway is not the place to steal from the elderly or vulnerable. They should be aware that if they come here looking to commit offences, we will be watching them, we will catch them and they will be put before the courts"

A police spokesperson said, "We would like to advice anyone using a cashpoint that they should always take care when entering their PIN number and avoid any requests to help them, even if genuine. You should never disclose you PIN number to anyone including bank staff"

November 24, 2010