Parking Fines Consultation -Have Your Say

Make sure you respond by 30 September

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Residents have until September 30 to air their views on parking fines as part of a London-wide joint consultation being carried out by Transport for London and London Councils.

Londoners are being given the chance to say how much they think motorists should pay for parking penalties and are being asked for their views on the current two-tier system, where some parking offences incur higher costs than others depending on their severity and the roads on which they occur. The current cost of penalties is £120 for serious contraventions in central London and £80 for lesser contraventions. Penalty charges are reviewed every four years.

They are also being asked for their views on how much penalties should be for releasing cars from wheel clamps and car pounds, driving in bus lanes and other contraventions of parking regulations.

A final decision will be made by London Councils’ transport and environment committee on December 9 and by TfL, before being presented to the Mayor of London and the Secretary of State for Transport for approval. The new penalties will come into effect from April 1.

To download a consultation form, visit or call 020 7934 9907 for a copy.

September 23, 2010