Sainsbury's Seeks to Sell Alchol All Hours

Application for Licence Turned Down

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Sainsbury’s has appealed the council’s decision to turn down its application for a licence to sell alcohol at its Askew Road store from early in the morning.

The supermarket giant was told by the licensing sub-committee on September 3 that its new shop could not sell alcoholic drinks from Monday to Sunday, from 7am until 11pm.

The company had originally wanted to sell drink from 6am to midnight but amended their application to make the hours shorter, and agreed to not sell super-strength beer, lager of cider, which is banned in the majority of shops in Shepherds Bush.

But councillors agreed with police concerns over street drinkers, which the police claimed would cause problems to public nuisance and crime and disorder in the area, and break the licensing objectives. The sub-committee did however allow Sainsbury’s to sell alcohol from 11am-11pm.

Sainsbury’s immediately appealed the decision but no date has yet been set for the appeal hearing.

September 23, 2010