Council Faces Questioning over West Ken Lorry Plans

Residents want rethink over access for "intolerable" extra traffic

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Hammersmith and Fulham Council is to be questioned over plans to open up residential roads in West Kensington to heavy lorries at a full council meeting taking place tonight, January 28 at 7pm.

The question, to be asked by local resident Larry Culhane is: "At the last Council Cabinet Meeting on the 6th January, you and your fellow Conservative councillors unanimously voted to use Beaumont Avenue and Aisgill Avenue for “Heavy vehicle access to the depot during the Earls Court development”.

" The report detailed how the residents in Beaumont Avenue and Aisgill Avenue (along with all the routes leading up to that area) will have to suffer the following:

Large 77ft long articulated lorries will access the neighbourhood approximately six to nine times a day from Beaumont Avenue.

Very long 99ft lorries will need to access the site approximately four times a year.

There are also 60 parking spaces on the LUL depot site for transit vans that will need to access/egress the site throughout the day.

" The report confirmed that there has been extensive consultations with CapCo, the developer but absolutely none with residents.

" Will the Council now accept this was a mistake, that this will blight this neighbourhood during the works and that this decision should be overturned with a new route and a new plan devised in consultation with the local residents that will be affected?"

People living in and around West Kensington and Gibbs Green Estates, where people are already battling the plans to demolish their homes as part of the Earls Court redevelopment, were shocked to learn of the council's decision.

Alistair Dixon, the Chair, Kensington Hall Gardens residents association says: " As you’d expect, I was astonished to learn the Council's plans for Beaumont and Aisgill Avenues. This would bring intolerable amounts of extra traffic from heavy vehicles, we are told some as large as 99ft.

" The council has not properly considered residents’ needs or the danger of increased road accidents, extra noise, extra dust, extra pollution or damage to properties.

" They must stop this and I call for an immediate re-think."

Residents from the area are expected to turn out in large numbers at the council meeting at 7pm tonight, along with campaigners fighting to stop the closure of Sulivan Primary School in Fulham.


January 29, 2014