Mayoral and London Assembly Candidates for Hammersmith and Fulham

Who will get your votes on May 3rd?


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On May 3, there will be elections are for the Mayor of London, the 14 Constituency London Assembly Members, and the 11 London-wide Assembly Members.

You will be given three ballot papers when you vote. For more information, visit the How to Vote page at London Elects.

All Londoners who are registered to vote in these elections will receive an information booklet including mini-manifestos from the Mayoral candidates, lists of candidates/parties standing in the London Assembly contests, and information on how to vote. You can also read this booklet online.

London Mayoral Election

You can make a first and second choice from this list of candidates, who will either be part of a political party or standing as an independent candidate. To find out more about each of them, click on their names here to read a mini-manifesto.

Candidate Party
Siobhan Benita Independent
Carlos Cortiglia British National Party
Boris Johnson Conservative
Jenny Jones Green
Ken Livingstone Labour
Brian Paddick Liberal Democrats
Lawrence Webb Fresh Choice for London (UKIP)

Constituency London Assembly Member

Voters can choose one candidate in the West Central Constituency, which includes Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster.

Candidate Party
Kit Malthouse Conservative
Todd Foreman Labour
Layla Moran Liberal Democrats
Susanna Rustin Green
Elizabeth Jones Fresh Choice for London (UKIP)

London-Wide Asssembly Member

Voters will be able to make one vote for a political party or an individual standing as an independent candidate. Political parties put forward a 'party list' of individuals who will be elected if they get enough votes. You can find out the individuals on each party's list by following the link below. 

London Wide Assembly Member Candidates

April 26, 2012