Judas Priest Comes to Barons Court Theatre for One Day Only

While Sartre's Huis Clos continues through next week


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On Monday, September 24 Barons Court Theatre is presenting two performances of the short play Judas Priest for one day only.

Tony Parkin plays The Suspect in Frank R. Long's play about the emotion existing between a young man and a middle-aged celibate priest, which eventually results in the priest's death.

The theatre says this is an intriguing rehearsed reading performance which reveals a surprising reason for why the priest was killed, and advises theatre goers to book early because the production is only here for one day.

PERFORMANCES: Monday September 24, at 7.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m.


Barons Court Theatre, at the Curtains Up pub in Comeragh Road, is also presenting Sartre's Huis Clos through till Friday September 28.

Sartre’s dramatic conception of hell is not the biblical one of fire and brimstone, but a philosophical metaphor for the ways in which in this world we allow others to imprison us in roles which we assume to please them or ourselves, roles that save us from recognising who we truly are. This is the sense of the famous and often misunderstood line from the play, " ‘Hell is other people".

In Huis Clos, Garcin the coward, Estelle the child-killer and Inès the homicidal lesbian are doomed to torture each other for all eternity. No need for racks and pincers in this powerful vision of a hell created by the other inmates.

NB: This production will be in French.

PERFORMANCES: Tuesdays – Saturdays (7.45 p.m.) Sundays (6.45 p.m.) with additional matinees on Saturday, Wednesday and Friday, September 22, 26 and 28.

ADMISSION PRICES: £14 (Concessions – £12)

BOX OFFICE: 020 8932 4747

EMAIL BOOKINGS: Alternatively book by emailing Londontheatre@gmail.com stating the performance and number of tickets required.

For Huis Clos, you can book tickets online at False Impressions