Barons Court Theatre Presents Queen Anne

Premiere of play about little known period in history


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Barons Court Theatre is presenting the premiere of Queen Anne, by Kate Glover, highlights the intrigue, plots and squabbles during a tantalisingly little known reign.

Directed by Kenneth Michaels, Glover’s play Queen Anne is the latest production by Historia Theatre company. When Queen Anne, shy, gout-ridden and overweight, ascends the throne in 1702, the Jacobites, proto-terrorists, will stop at nothing to kill her and put her half brother the Roman Catholic James Stuart on the throne.

James just happens to be supported by the hugely powerful Louis XIV of France. Court favourites vie for influence with the Queen.

Coalition politics spark off intense rivalries between Whig and Tory politicians. With her husband and children all dead, how will the Queen cope?

Queen Anne runs until August 3. Tickets cost £10 - £12, and early booking recommended.

Barons Court Theatre is at the Curtain's Up pub in Comeragh Road, W14 and tickets for all productions can be booked by calling 0208 932 4747 or by emailing stating performance and number of tickets required. Pay in cash, when you come to the performance.

July 16, 2014


July 11, 2014