Flats Available Shortly for Older People in Hammersmith

Affordable accommodation in peaceful, secure surroundings


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Hammersmith United Charities

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Hammersmith United Charities provides excellent, affordable accommodation in attractive, peaceful and secure surroundings for older people in Hammersmith.

The residents live in two local sites - Sycamore House, which provides 28 Almshouse flats and John Betts House, which has 42 Almshouse flats. Each site has some flats which are suitable for couples, plus a hall and gardens available for the enjoyment of all residents and where community and social events are held.

" Living in JBH is an absolute joy. To me it is an oasis in a very harsh world. I live in comfort with wonderful company and beautiful gardens to admire every day. What more could I possibly want."  - Kate

Hammersmith United Charities provides homes for people over 60 within what is called the area of benefit, shown on the map below, who are living on a limited income and who would otherwise find it difficult to fund suitable homes for themselves. A limited number of women over 55 may also qualify.

Who is eligible?

A single person with assets of less than £25,000 or a couple with less than £45,000 may apply, providing that they have lived in the area of benefit for at least the last five years or for 10 years at some stage of their lives.

Potential residents are visited by a member of staff and trustees make the final decision on who to appoint on the basis of need and suitability. It is important for the peace of mind and well-being of all the residents that everyone in Sycamore House or John Betts’ House can live in harmony.

"We are a friendly group of people and have a rather nice communal garden. We also have space on our balconies for plants (even tomato plants)." - Jean

Hammersmith United Charities will shortly have some new flats available at their Sycamore Gardens site, including six which will be fully wheelchair accessible, and have produced a three page information leaflet explaining how eligible older people can apply to become residents.

This leaflet can be downloaded at the charities' website and applicants can also call Diane Amos or Natasha Pope on 020 8741 4326 for further information and advice.

"When you come through the entrance it’s like entering another world. You’d never know you were in London." - Elsie


December 9, 2011