General Election Candidates Officially Announced

Candidates are from all five main parties plus one independent


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The candidates standing for election in our two local constituencies have been officially announced as nominations close.

There are candidates from all five main parties in both constituencies plus one independent candidate, Stephen Brennan, standing in Hammersmith.

This means there are six people standing in the Hammersmith constituency and five in the Chelsea & Fulham constituency.

In Hammersmith the candidates are: David Akan (Green Party); Stephen Brennan (Independent); Charlie Dewhirst (Conservative Party); Millicent Scott (Liberal Democrats); Andy Slaughter (Labour); Richard Wood (UKIP).

In Chelsea & Fulham the candidates are: Simon Bailey (Liberal Democrats); Greg Hands (Conservative Party); Adrian Noble (UKIP); Guy Rubin (Green Party); Alexandra Sanderson (Labour).

Voting will take place between 7am and 10pm on May 7.

To find out more about voting and this year’s general election visit Hammersmith and Fulham's general election 2015 web page.


April 13, 2015