Archbishop of Canterbury Launches IntoUniversity Hammersmith

New centre in Greyhound Road helps disadvantaged young people higher education

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The Archbishop of Canterbury visited Hammersmith on Thursday, March 22 to launch the brand new IntoUniversity centre, an education project that aims to give disadvantaged young people the support they need to get to university.

The new IntoUniversity Centre, based at The Star Centre, at St Andrew's Church in Greyhound Road will provide 850 young people with a combination of after-school academic support, mentoring and programmes to raise aspirations.

As he officially opened the new centre, Archbishop Rowan Williams said: " IntoUniversity is a fantastic scheme and it tells people what they need to hear: that university really is for everybody, that you can make it what you choose to make it and you can't start too soon.

" This is a wonderful door-opening opportunity – I feel very privileged to be here this evening, and to be able to have some small part in giving you every blessing on this wonderful enterprise."

Dr Rachel Carr, IntoUniversity Chief Executive, said: " Student from the poorest homes are 20 times less likely to get a good university place than those from better off homes. Our centre will give them a chance of succeeding against the odds."

IntoUniversity encourages young people to focus on positive futures, careers and higher education. Last year 70% of IntoUniversity's 18 year olds attained a university place and a further 24% were in training, education or employment.

IU Hammersmith is the organisation's 9th centre, and the organisation aims to accelerate plans to expand its provision so it will become part of a national network of high-quality learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve.

Find out more about IU Hammersmith at the website.

March 23, 2012