She Said Yes!

Billboard proposal on Hammersmith Road gets positive response

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Michelina's YouTube message


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Bride to be Michelina-Lucia Salerno has made a video thanking hundreds of well wishers who have congratulated her since she accepted her boyfriend's very public proposal - splashed across a huge billboard in Hammersmith Road.

Model Michelina, 28 describes on YouTube the moment she first spotted the message from her 30 year-old boyfriend Marios Panayitou, 30 - the words Michelina Will You Marry Me alongside a giant picture of her posing in what she describes as swimwear - on a traffic-stopping bright pink billboard at the junction of Hammersmith and North End Roads.

"I don't know why but I just looked up and I saw this pink sign and didn't realise first of all what it was," says Michelina, who has worked as a make-up artist and a model, and is a past winner of Miss Latina UK.

"Then I looked again and it was a massive picture of me on a billboard and it said 'Michelina will you marry me'.

" He got on one knee and said 'Will you marry me?' and I said yes. But we were both really shaking. I never thought I would react like that, and he was really nervous too, bless him."

Michelina Salerno shows off engagement ring

Michelina, who also shows off her frosted diamond engagement ring in the YouTube video, says she and Mario are now planning an engagement party this summer, before getting married next summer.

And she says: " I have been overwhelmed by the amount of messages I have received from social networking sites and people who have got in touch with me through email.

" It's been really sweet and it's made it more magical that people I don't know have messaged me and congratulated us."


April 16, 2013