New Borough Commander Lays Out Plans for H & F

Chief Superintendent Gideon Springer to bring in new technology

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Hammersmith and Fulham's new borough commander, Police Chief Superintendent Gideon Springer has laid out his plans for the borough, starting with the introduction of state of the art technology.

Ch Supt Springer's officers will soon be doing away with their notepads and pencils as part of a trial of hi-tech tablets, which aims to reduce desk-based bureaucracy to free up officers for more front-line duties.

" Too much of the job has been admin in the past, which means good cops are not using their detection skills to the utmost as they are stuck behind a desk filling in forms," says Ch Supt Springer. " From June, we will go from an ageing and creaking system to using the latest cutting edge technology."

Having joined the MPS in 1988, Ch Supt Springer has performed a variety of roles within the Met including, most recently, as Partnership Superintendent in Brent. 

" Different boroughs have different profiles, which require different approaches, but my philosophy is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it'. Having said that, there are always areas where we can improve and of course we should push these boundaries," says Ch Supt Springer.

" My aim in is to continue to drive down crime while improving the way we work so that savings can be delivered. Of course we will continue the tough enforcement approach but we also need to do more on prevention.

"I want to slow down the conveyor belt of crime. If we can work in partnership with residents’ groups, the council, schools and other partners to divert young people away from a life of crime we will be ahead of the game."

Ch Supt Springer, who was born on a council estate in Lancashire and is currently one of two black police borough commanders in the capital, continues: " I have lived in difficult places and I know that the bad choices some young people make early in life can set them on the wrong path. I am looking forward to closely working with the council, the borough's Neighbourhood Watch Association and other partners and also want to work with all the communities within H&F – including those who don’t readily want to engage with the police.

"If we all work together we can make H&F the safest inner London borough in the capital."

March 21, 2014