Jilted Groom Admits Harassing Ex-Fiancee in Southerton Road

Kohli who left unwanted packages on her doorstep banned from entering borough

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A jilted bridegroom who harassed his former fiancee by leaving love letters and food packages at her front door in Southerton Road in Hammersmith has been banned from entering the borough.

Hammersmith Magistrate' Court heard that Surjit Kanda, 26, was so obsessed he even had images of Deepika Kohli's face and the name and date of birth of her son from another relationship tattooed on his body.

His obsession began after the failure of their arranged marriage in 2009 and last year he left unwanted packages on her doorstep, close to Glenthorne Road in the centre of Hammersmith, at least four times a week over 11 months.

According to the Daily Mail, the prosecutor Thomas Gill read a statement from Miss Kohli, saying that receiving these parcels made her worried about what he is capable of and what he is going to do next.

Kanda, who lives in Slough in Berkshire, pleaded guilty to one charge of harassment between February and December 2014. According to a mental health assessment read out in court he suffered a traumatic childhood as his parents were killed when he was a child.'

He has been banned from entering the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham except for a court date or meeting with a lawyer.

He has been bailed and is due to return to Hammersmith Magistrates Court next month to be sentenced.

September 18, 2015