Free Oral Cancer Screening on Offer in November

Ravenscourt Dental Practice marks Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

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Ravenscourt Dental Practice

Mouth Cancer Action Month


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November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month and Ravenscourt Dental Practice is marking it by offering free oral cancer screening to everyone in the community.

The practice says this is particularly important if you have not visited the dentist in the last six months and says wouldn’t you agree that prevention is better than cure?

Having regular oral cancer checks means that detection and early treatment can save lives. A few facts about mouth cancer you may not know:

Young, old, smokers and non-smokers can develop mouth cancer

More than 6500 people in the UK are diagnosed each year

Without early detection half of those may die - however, with early detection, the chances of a complete cure are good

What should you look out for? Ulcers that do not heal within 3 weeks, red or white patches, and unusual lumps or swellings.

Mouth cancer claims more lives than cervical or testicular cancer, and most cases are linked to tobacco and alcohol.

So if you would like a free oral cancer check, please contact Ravenscourt Dental Practice, situated by Ravenscourt Park at 5 Ravenscourt Avenue, on 020 8748 4023 or email, as soon as possible to book an appointment during November.

The practice say they are committed to taking this message to people across our community, and asks people to contact them if they are able to put up a poster in their workplace, shop, café, or community centre. For more information visit Mouth Cancer Action Month and donate to the Blue Ribbon appeal.


November 8, 2013