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Advice from Ravenscourt Dental Practice's Dr Hitesh Batavia on caring for your children's teeth

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It is never too early to start caring for our children’s teeth, with brushing techniques and by encouraging healthy eating habits.  What food choices will you make – will it be apple and cheese – the healthy options?  

Children’s teeth are more vulnerable to decay as the enamel is thinner than adult teeth.  Children often have very healthy gums but could end up with spots of decay from a very young age.  

Our motto has always been "Prevention is Better than Cure" and equipping children with the tools and techniques from an early age, ensures they enjoy good dental health for a lifetime. Looking after teeth properly means less dental expenses too!  

Trick or Treat ??

A little boy, aged five, came in with his mother for a check-up. This was no ordinary visit, after all it was Halloween! He was dressed as Dracula for the day, so he did not smile at me, until he was comfortably in the chair. He then revealed a full set of the most frightening teeth I have seen in years, complete with fangs – just what I would expect Dracula’s teeth to look like. A perfect set of false teeth as they were brilliantly white! I have never laughed so much during my working day! What was most heart-warming was that this little boy had no fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist. I will remember this visit for a long time, it was definitely a trick that turned into a treat, and I hope it was an equally happy visit for the family. This example shows one of the benefits of making your little ones familiar with your family dentist, by visiting regularly for check-ups.


Once Baby is born …..

Remember healthy gums produce healthy teeth;
Use soft gauze to gently wipe baby’s gums after every feed;
Ease the pain of teething with a wet gauze pad or cool teething ring.

The all important First Teeth …

Between 6-12 months, the first two front teeth come through;
First dental visit should be by 1st birthday;
You can start brushing with a very soft-bristled brush and water.

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay …

Decay can start as soon as teeth erupt;
Bottles or sippy cups given at bedtime should only contain water;
Liquids like juice, milk and formula have sugar that will accumulate around the mouth and teeth.

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Healthy Habits for a Healthy Lifetime …

The foundation for healthy eating can be set very early on with a wholesome nutritious diet low in added sugars;
Brushing with children’s toothpaste can start at age 2 or as soon as they can spit it out;
Show your child how to floss – perhaps do it together!

Permanent Pearly Whites …

Children will typically lose their baby teeth around the age of 6;
Upper and lower front teeth are the first to go;
Second molars may not be lost until 12;

April Offer

Special offer for Children’s appointments: From 1 April 2014, to 30 April 2014, for New Patients, children’s check-ups will be £5.00 off the usual full price of £21.00. Quote "Hammersmith April" to get your special discount.

A Child Chooses …

Another recent case is a touching story. A six year old child, who had been referred to hospital for treatment, was brought to us by her parents. They were not happy with their experience with dentists thus far. The family had also arranged to see a specialist in Harley Street for an additional opinion. After visiting both the Harley Street practice and Ravenscourt, the child herself chose to come to us for her treatments. The whole family are now regular patients, and their daughter bounds into the practice with a big smile.

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March 21, 2014