Could You Be a Mystery Shopper?

Check out council services and earn gift vouchers

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Hammersmith & Fulham Council is on the lookout for residents who are interested in becoming "‘mystery shoppers", or resident reviewers.

Mystery shopping exercises may include:

  • Visiting the council’s libraries, parks or reception points
  • Telephoning the parking department
  • Assessing standards of street cleanliness

Residents will be rewarded with up to £40 of high street gift vouchers for taking part in each mystery shopping exercise.

Deputy Leader, Cllr Greg Smith, said: “We already provide excellent services for our residents but we want their help to ensure that they are of the very highest standard possible.”

Most exercises are either carried out in person or over the telephone. You will be well briefed before each exercise and given instructions on what to do and say.

Resident reviewers will be asked to take part in two to three exercises per year and stay involved in the project for two years.

The council say resident feedback will be used and reported anonymously by the council but from time to time they may invite residents to come together as a group to discuss their experience of services.

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the simple application form online here by the deadline of October 12.