Keep the Olympic Park Open!

MEP Sarah Ludford joins calls to let public after the Games end

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Hammersmith and Fulham Liberal Democrat MEP Sarah Ludford has joined calls to keep the Olympic Park open for an extended period after the Paralympic Games, in order to give residents the chance to see the Olympic Park in all its splendour.

Sarah Ludford says: "I think this is a great idea and would even support the park being open for a month.

" What a great opportunity for those residents who have helped to make these Games so spectacular and memorable to experience the magnificence of the Olympic Park.

" Londoners have played a huge part in making these games successful and this would be a fitting way to say thank you."

The park is due to be closed after the Paralympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday, when it is handed over to the London Legacy Development Corporation who will spend the next 12 months redeveloping the park and reopening it next July as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Other influential people have also requested an extension to the opening of the park. Shadow Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell suggested it should stay open "for a little while, so that people that didn't manage to get in can come and walk around and see where it's all happened."

Charles Allen, the Mayor of the Olympic Village said: "I think that is a really good idea, if there is some way we can structure that, to throw the gates open and let people come in and experience it. It is magical."


September 7, 2012