Join a Walk Along the River on Saturday

Central London Outdoor Group offer local people a chance to try them out

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Central London Outdoor Group


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Central London Outdoor Group are inviting Hammersmith and Fulham residents to join them for a short walk along the River Thames on Sarturday September 19.

If you want to go along, meet at Ravenscourt Park tube exit at 10.30am where the group will make their way to the river.

The walk then follow a pretty section of the Thames Path (along the north bank) for about four miles in the morning to Kew, where they will have lunch in a pub or packed lunch for those who prefer.

They will then walk about three miles in the afternoon to Richmond along the Thames Path (south bank). The path on the south bank has a woodland feel to it in contrast to the garden feel of the north bank.

The group say in Richmond they will find a pub for anyone who feels like a quick evening meal before heading home.

Central London Outdoor Group say this walk is ideal for prospective new members to try them out, and everyone is welcome.

September 18, 2015

ammersmith & Fulham

September 18, 2015