Brothers' "Pizza Pilgrimage" Filmed for new TV series

Lads from Hammersmith share Italian adventures on social media

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Pizza Pilgrims

Rampage Studio

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Two brothers from Hammersmith have become "Pizza Pilgrims", driving through Italy and picking up tips along the way about creating the perfect pizza.

James and Thom Elliot are planning to launch a new street food venture selling traditional Italian pizzas, fresh from a custom made oven in the back of a three-wheeler Piaggio Ape van.

The pair have flown out to the southernmost point of the Italian mainland to collect their van and are now driving it back to the UK, starting with a journey of over 2000 miles across Italy.

As the van has a top speed of 40mph, James and Thom are using this leisurely road trip to immerse themselves in Italian culture, history and traditions, with a TV crew from Rampage Studio recording their adventures for a series to be broadcast in 2012.

Tom, 28 and James, 24 are also sharing news of their adventures and interacting with friends and followers with on Facebook, on Twitter and with video blogs on their website.

James, who lives in Brackenbury, says: "Our parents have always managed pubs, so the foodie vibe has been instilled in us from a very young age.

" It's a very cool experience. Get in a van, drive along, open the back, and serve pizza to people!”


October 14, 2011