Lib Dem Candidate Thanks Voters

Political reform is still "firmly on the agenda"

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The local Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, Merlene Emerson, has thanked those who voted for her in last Thursday's General Election.

"It has been a privilege to have been the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith. I would like to thank my team, Liberal Democrat supporters and most of all those who had voted for me and were seeking Liberal Democrats to deliver a fairer Britain.

"I am proud of the fact that we ran a very positive campaign throughout and pleased that despite only a one percent increase in the vote share nationally, our leader Nick Clegg now has real bargaining powers with both of the major parties. We will ensure that we work together to serve the national interests and I would urge all our supporters to stay united and bear this in mind.

"What the results in Hammersmith show is how unfair and flawed our current electoral system is which denies voters the chance to support the party and candidate they might prefer and had to resort to tactical voting instead. It is vitally important that political reform be firmly on the agenda as Lib Dems negotiate for power sharing in the days and weeks ahead.

"At the personal level, I am pleased that my involvement in politics has provided inspiration to others especially young people to become more engaged. Voter turn out was high and there was certainly a great deal more excitement engendered from these elections as compared to those of the past.

"I remain your Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesperson for Hammersmith for now and would welcome any feedback as to how you would like the Liberal Democrats to serve and represent you here in Hammersmith."

May 9, 2010