Borough Commander Pays Tribute to Murder Victims

Lucy D'Orsi remembers policewomen and Piotr Mikiewicz

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In her latest blogs, Hammersmith and Fulham's Borough Commander Lucy D'Orsi has paid tribute to three victims whose murders have shocked their communities - policewomen Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes and Shepherd's Bush street cleaner Piotr Mikiewicz.

In her latest blog, dated September 19, she says:

" I wanted to publicly send the condolences of all police officers and staff from Hammersmith and Fulham to the families, friends and colleagues of Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes. They were ordinary people doing an extraordinary job and they paid the ultimate sacrifice.

" I, like many, watched with absolute horror as the news reported on the tragedy. It was incomprehensible to me that anyone could be so calculated and so evil.

" Officers within the borough gathered around TV monitors watching the events unfold, trying to control their emotions. Many then went out on patrol themselves.

" Reflecting on my operational duties over the years it made me think that often, you get up in darkness for an early shift with loved ones still asleep. You quietly navigate around the house and leave silently closing the door. You meet your colleagues on a parade where you are given the patrol priorities and the current intelligence. You chat and catch up with everyone. It’s then off on patrol to keep communities safe.

" Fiona and Nicola would have been no different to the thousands of officers around the country completing this routine yesterday morning. How could they or anyone else have known the horror that was ahead.

" Officers work incredibly hard on the borough to keep people safe and make sure it is a lovely place to live, work and socialise. They can be placed in dangerous situations and are always reliant on their training and interpersonal skills to resolve such incidents safely.

" I am proud of all my officers and Police Community Support Officers who work on the front line and who are tirelessly committed to their jobs. Thank you."

In her previous entry, dated September 12, she remembered Piotr Mikiewicz, the street cleaner who was killed in Shepherd's Bush in August, saying:

" The tragic events of Wednesday the 29th August are still all too real and although my officers were able to investigate the incident, identify the suspect and make six arrests very quickly the community impact is clear for all to see.

"There have been so many tributes paid to Piotr Mikiewicz and the Memorial Service for him in Askew Road Church was full to the rafters reflecting the high regard in which he was held by his local community and colleagues.

" A bank account has been opened by his employers to enable those who wished to contribute to make a donation and the details are :-

Piotr Mikiewicz Memorial Fund  
Sort code: 40 02 50 
Account number: 61337068

"It is clear to me just how special this Borough and it’s people are and how they re able to work together to tackle local problems. I am happy to get the chance to help, along with my officers and staff, to make Hammersmith and Fulham a better place."

You can read Lucy's blog in full here .


September 21, 2012