Borough Commander Sends Christmas Message to Residents

Lucy D'Orsi thanks local communities for supporting our police

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As Christmas fast approaches I thought I would reflect on the last 12 months and take the opportunity to thank local communities for their continued support of Borough Policing. I also wish to publicly thank my officers and staff for their hard work on the Borough to make it safe.

It has been a challenging year with officers in particular having to work a lot unsociable hours, often missing out on valuable time with family and friends.

It has been a great year for policing in Hammersmith and Fulham. Crime is down on the borough and we currently have the best response times in London to callers for police assistance.

We also have the best burglary reduction in London with just over 300 fewer homes burgled this time this year compared to last. In fact over the last two years we are nearly at a 40% reduction.

Having been a victim of burglary myself as a student I understand the impact of is crime so I am both delighted and proud of this achievement by my officers and staff.

We are also enjoying reductions in violent crime, motor vehicle crime and robbery.

We detect more crimes in London than all other Boroughs except one. We have not achieved these results alone. We have been working closely with the Local Authority and also with local residents to make the Borough a hard place for criminals to operate.

We have encouraged the reporting of suspicious activity and asked residents to use the property marking schemes and take the time to secure their homes.

A busy summer saw The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations followed by the fabulous London Olympic and Paralympic Games. Officers worked tirelessly to ensure that these events were safe and secure whilst also keeping crime figures low locally.

This is in addition to the policing of three premiership football clubs and, the ever popular Westfield shopping centre. These have all provided us with different yet exciting challenges over the past twelve months.

Myself and the Senior Management Team are all very proud of the hard work and commitment shown by our officers and staff in 2012. There will of course be new challenges in the coming year, but with your support we will look forward to and continue to provide you with a high quality Borough police service which you can be exceptionally proud of.

Please take care to keep your homes secure over the festive period and if you see anything suspicious call 999. From all my officers and staff Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Lucy D'Orsi, Chief Superintendent and Borough Commander for Hammersmith and Fulham.