Feedback Wanted on Recycling Services

Complete council's online survey by the end of the month

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H&F Council is seeking feedback from residents to help make improvements to its recycling services.

As the council aims to increase recycling rates in the borough, residents have the chance to have their say on the service via a consultation running until the end of the month.

Over the last few years the recycling levels for the borough have dropped, in common with many other local authorities, so to ensure the council can keeps its costs down it needs to boost recycling numbers and reduce contamination levels.
(Only clean and dry recycling should be put in the clear recycling bags – other items contaminate the recycling and cost more to process).

To ensure it is delivering the best possible service, the council says it would like to know your recycling habits; what you find easy, what you find hard, if you know what items you can and can’t recycle, and if you find changes to the service are well publicised.

The consultation runs until Saturday, February, 28 and you can take part by completing the online survey.


February 20, 2015