Are You Registered to Vote in Hammersmith and Fulham?

Make sure you can make your voice heard in the upcoming elections

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Am I registered to vote in Hammersmith and Fulham?

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National Voter Registration Day is this Wednesday, February 5 and residents who have not already registered to vote in the upcoming elections need to make sure they are on the register by May 6 at the latest.

The next elections scheduled to take place in Hammersmith & Fulham are the combined Council and European Parliamentary elections on Thursday May 22, 2014. All 46 H&F councillors are facing the public vote on May 22 with each of the borough’s 16 wards electing up to three councillors in the poll.

Anyone who is eligible to vote must ensure that their name appears on the register of electors – if they want to make their voice heard.

You can apply to be added to the register or have your details amended at any time but to register for May’s elections the deadline in May 6.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council says its electoral services team will be writing to all 80,000 H&F households in February to confirm the details of everyone who is registered already. If your name is missing this is your chance to add it.

To be included on the register of electors you need to fill in a voter registration form – paying your council tax, or being signed up for other council services, doesn’t automatically mean that your name is included.

“Registering to vote is easier than you may think, all you have to do is complete the registration form and send it back to us. If you do not register, you can't vote and have your say on important issues that affect you.” says H&F Returning Officer Jane West. “I would encourage anyone who wants to make their voice heard to check the details we are sending and get back to us as soon as possible.”

If you know that you are eligible and you haven't yet registered, you can download a voter registration form from the council’s website at:

If in doubt call the electoral registration hotline on 020 8753 4466 or email

H&F has one of the most transient populations in Britain with around 30,000 people moving into the borough and another 30,000 moving out every year. Despite this, H&F has traditionally registered a very high percentage of people onto the electoral roll – normally well over 90%.



May 1, 2014