What to Do on Thursday May 22

Your complete guide to the Local and European Elections

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On May 22, residents of Hammersmith and Fulham will be able to vote for up to three councillors in each of Hammersmith and Fulham's 16 wards - a total of 46 councillors across the borough.

You can see a full list of candidates on the council's Electoral Services page.

As well as the local election, there will also be a European Parliamentary Election on May 22, with the election of eight members of the parliament for the London region. You can find a list of the candidates here.

In London an electorate of more than five million people will have the opportunity to vote for their representatives in the European Parliament, called Members of the European Parliament or MEPs. Candidates backed by 17 political parties will compete for eight seats to represent the entire population of the capital through a form of proportional representation.

You can find more information at the London European Elections website.

In Hammersmith and Fulham, each of the 16 wards has between three and five polling stations, set up in local schools, churches and community centres. You can find a full list of stations here, a map of the stations here and you can find your local polling station by entering your postcode here.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council warn that in the lead up to an election, polling station locations may change at very short notice and say to please re-check your polling station 48 hours before the election date.

Candidates from seven different parties are standing in the local election. As well as Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats which have candidates in every ward, some wards also have candidates from the Green Party and the UK Independence Party.

Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cut have two candidates, Roy Carey in Hammersmith Broadway and Joanne Harris in Fulham's Town Ward, while in Munster ward in Fulham Dede Wilson is standing for the National Health Action Party and in Askew Ward in Shepherd's Bush Bozidar Zabavnik is standing as an Independent.

You can find out more about all these parties and their policies on their websites:

Hammersmith and Fulham Conservatives

Hammersmith and Fulham Labour

Hammersmith and Fulham Liberal Democrats

West Central London Green Party

UK Independence Party

Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

National Health Action Party

If you have registered to vote you will have already received your polling card for the elections on May 22.

The poll card is for information only, and you do not need it to vote. As long as you are registered, you can simply give the polling station staff your name and address.

Polling stations will be open on Thursday from 7am till 10pm.

For people who are voting for the first time, there is a guide to what to expect inside the polling station on the council website.

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