Be Prepared for the Big Freeze of 2013

Gritters ready and H&F Circle on hand to help older residents

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With the Met Office forecasting a cold spell over the coming weeks with low temperatures, icy conditions and the possibility of snow in the next few days, Hammersmith and Fuham Council says it is prepared for this year's big freeze.

The council says it has a full stock pile of 1,000 tonnes of grit and gritters and footpath gritting machines at the ready to help keep H&F’s main roads and main town centres clear, day and night.

Residents are being asked to do their bit by taking a common sense approach to helping clear paths and pavements outside their front doors, and those of their neighbours.

The council has also teamed up with a voluntary organisation to keep residents warm during the wintery weather.

Hammersmith & Fulham Circle’s neighbourhood helpers can help during extreme weather by gritting and shovelling paths that lead to homes, distributing blankets or heaters, buying shopping or picking up medications. The organisation is also offering advice about heat insulation and energy bills.

All this help is absolutely free and you can contact the group by calling 0800 112 3448.

Hammersmith & Fulham Circle received £685,000 funding to set up in the borough in 2010, with the council and the Primary Care Trust providing half the money each.

Cllr Marcus Ginn, cabinet member for community care, says: " Hammersmith & Fulham Circle provides an incredibly valuable service for local people and this initiative is likely to be hugely popular as the cold weather bites."


January 17, 2013