Amanda Holden Presents Hospital Trust's Annual Awards

TV star grateful for life saving treatment at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea

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Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden took time off from TV to act as guest presenter at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust’s annual OSC&Rs award ceremony which took place recently at the Hilton Paddington.

Amanda said: " I am absolutely thrilled to be able to be invited to this award ceremony. When I was asked to attend and show my support for the wonderful work that everyone does, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind about coming.

" I recently gave birth to my daughter at Queen Charlottes and Chelsea Hospital. I suffered from complications and required life saving treatment. I’m so grateful to staff and this is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the high calibre of care the whole organisation provides."

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust comprises Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea, St Mary’s and Western Eye hospitals, and staff from all these hospitals were eligible for the awards.

The Outstanding Service Care & Research (OSC&R) awards ceremony aims to recognise exceptional individuals and teams within Imperial College Healthecare who exemplify the five Trust values: Respect, Innovation, Care, Achievement and Pride. There is also a Trust Hero award, for a member of staff who has shown great dedication to the Trust and who has made an outstanding contribution.

There are four finalists shortlisted in each of the six categories. These finalists are chosen from hundreds of nominations made throughout the year by patients, their relatives, visitors and other staff members.

Mark Davies, chief executive, said: " We were delighted to have Amanda attend our annual awards as to us she was not just a celebrity guest for the evening but someone who has experienced first-hand the wonderful patient care we provide at our hospitals. Having her join us at the ceremony really gave a boost to our excellent staff for all the exceptional work they do."

Jane Miles, chief executive of Imperial College Healthcare Charity, said: " We are keen to support these shining stars, with their vision, dedication and achievement, as they encourage other staff to reach higher. It can only be good news for patients."

The winners were:

  • Respect- Emma Kinsella, senior nurse, musculoskeletal services
    " Emma is extremely enthusiastic and has the utmost respect of her colleagues. She is firm but fair. I am proud and fortunate to have such a motivated team member who exemplifies all the Trust values in her everyday clinical practice," her manager said. "Always bubbly and cheerful, she sees the potential in many of her staff to be leaders and nurtures them into this role." Emma has also been praised for ensuring patients have the best clinical outcomes and patient experience
  • Innovation- Esmita Charani, academic research pharmacist, Centre for Infection Prevention and Management
    Esmita led on the development and delivery of our Trust’s first smart phone application. The app helps prescribers to choose the optimal antibiotic and dose for individual patients and specific infections. It helps to minimise the risk of C. difficile and antibiotic resistance. The app was used more than 4,800 times in its first month and has won a national award. It is being adapted for other clinical purposes to improve care elsewhere in the Trust. Esmita’s manager said: "We are very lucky to have Esmita working at our Trust. She is a rare individual who can work across all challenges."
  • Care- Helen Avila, family liaison nurse, paediatrics and neonatal services
    "Helen is constantly trying to find the best way to ensure that families have the support they need," said the colleague who nominated her. " She is friendly, polite, and respectful to patients, families and colleagues, which is key to her success." Helen provides support to both staff and families during bereavements and her work has been pivotal in improving the patient and family experience within the department.
  • Achievement- Bruno Botelho, length of stay and efficiency lead, specialist services
    Bruno safely removed 26 beds from CPG3’s bed base by improving length of stay. Under Bruno’s leadership, the number of operations cancelled on the day of surgery because of a lack of beds has fallen to zero in some specialities. He is currently sharing his methodology with other areas of the Trust, as he wants to see his achievements benefit more patients.
  • Pride - Joseph Thevaranjan, ward administrator, intensive care unit
    The patient who nominated Joseph said: "He is always pleasant and whenever we needed help during our time in the intensive care area he explained everything to us." As Joseph is often the first person to have contact with very distressed relatives in the intensive care unit, his role is crucial. "Often the patients are young and the families and friends are very shocked and disturbed by the event. Jo demonstrates considerable care in looking after these relatives and does all he can to try to make their experience less stressful," said his manager.
  • Trust Hero - Michael Harrison, senior charge nurse, chemotherapy
    The colleagues who nominated Michael said he is a dynamic, innovative, caring and compassionate individual with an excellent work ethic. He is described as a good role model and mentor who is always trying to improve the patient and staff experience. One of his colleagues added that in the 18 months Michael has been in post, he has completely transformed the chemotherapy service. This praise was re-iterated by his manager who said he has worked hard to implement changes in the unit and as a result, it now has a much calmer atmosphere for patients.  

June 8, 2012