Hammersmith Streets Inspire New Music Video

Snap yourself on one of the streets and you could win a prize

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June Caravel

London Song Video

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The streets of Hammersmith inspired French singer-songwriter June Caravel to write a new song called London Song and create a video to go with it.

" I was inspired to write the song back in 2010 when I was cycling around Hammersmith," says June. " I stopped at the corner of Down Place and Bridge Avenue. The chorus popped into my head, so I recorded it on my dictaphone.

" It was at that moment that the idea of writing a song made up of London street names was born."

This original music video features June popping up in front over 50 street signs across the capital, including several in Hammersmith and Shepherd's Bush.

The song was recorded in June 2011 as part of her upcoming EP The A Capella Sessions, due to be released in January 2012.

To celebrate the release of London Song, June has launched a competition aimed at getting Londoners involved in London Song edit 2. To enter, simply send her a picture of yourself in front of one of the street signs included in the video - you can see the video here and a map showing where the signs are located on June's website.

June will send everyone who enters a complimentary mp3 of London Song and their name will also also be entered in a draw to win a copy of The Times Atlas of London.

“The rule is simple, " says June."Be creative!”

Pictures should be sent to junecaravel@gmail.com and all the pictures will be published on June Caravel’s website, her Facebook page and will feature in her next edit of London Song.


September 30, 2011