David Morton is the New Councillor in Avonmore and Brook Green

Labour candidate wins resounding victory with 2,795 votes

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Labour's David Morton has been elected as the new councillor in the ward of Avonmore and Brook Green in Hammersmith.

He received 2,795 votes, while Conservative candidate Will Marshall received 1,849.

The Liberal Democrats' Irina Von Wiese was third with 653 votes.

David Morton has lived in Avonmore and Brook Green for over 30 years and has a record as a resident activist who gets things done. He says he joined Hammersmith and Fulham Labour last year after seeing what the have achieved since being elected in 2014.

David is chair of the local Metropolitan Police Panel and founder and chair of Avonmore Residents Association W14.

As chair of Avonmore Action Group he successfully campaigned against a lap dancing club and Olympia 'apartment hotel' and he successfully worked with the
new Labour administration to invest in CCTV in Marcus Garvey Park.

When campaigning he said that by voting for him on 8 June, residents of Avonmore and Brook Green would get to send the government a very clear message to stop demolishing Charing Cross Hospital and closing our A&E.

June 9, 2017