Hammersmith Palais is Finally Demolished

As work begins building student accommodation on the site

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Architect's impression of building on site of Hammersmith Palais
Make Architects' image of the completed building

Pure Student Living

Make Architects

The history of Hammersmith Palais

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Hammersmith Palais - once one of our area's most famous buildings - has finally been demolished, as work begins transforming the Shepherd's Bush Road site into student accommodation, plus leisure and retail space.

Pure Student Living are building rooms for 418 students, which are expected to be ready by September 2013.

The student building has been designed by Make Architects, who say: "Construction has commenced on the site of the former Hammersmith Palais, which will be transformed into 418 self-contained student accommodation units plus leisure and retail space spread over three new buildings.

" A sensitive architectural solution was required for the scheme, as the fragmented site sits within a conservation area and surrounds two listed brick buildings.

" Our highly contextual design makes subtle reference to the height, scale, materials and character of these buildings as well as the local elevational treatment, generating a cohesive and legible street frontage while giving the new facades a clean, modern aesthetic.

" A typical studio has an area of 17.4m² and provides self-contained accommodation offering bathroom, kitchen, study and sleeping areas. The studio environment provides a well managed, high quality living and working environment which will be complemented by both internal and external communal areas on the first floor.

"All existing buildings on the site will be replaced, with the exception of a wall adjacent to the train tracks which still displays some of the original painting relating to the Palais’ former entertainment history.

Legacy wall within student accommodation on site of Hammersmith Palais"Our key aim was to capture the venue’s legacy by incorporating a number of design features which celebrate its rich past; for example, the glazed entrance facade includes a ‘legacy wall’ artwork which pays tribute to the many famous bands who have performed there.

This striking feature, in addition to further amenity, leisure and retail uses on the lower levels, will result in a vibrant streetscape and an enhanced pedestrian experience.

" Our design aims to establish a strong sense of place both inside and outside the new buildings and foster a community spirit and a sense of ownership."

The new building will be five storeys high at the front, on Shepherd's Bush Road and ten storeys high at the back of site, next to the rail line.

Pure Student Living expect to begin marketing the rooms early next year.

Hammersmith Palais was one of the borough's most iconic buildings, first opening in 1919 as a jazz venue called the Hammersmith Palais de Danse. In the 1930s it was used as an ice rink and then became a dance club, before becoming one of London's most popular live music venues.

In January 2007, the decision was made to demolish it, and it closed that April. Since then it has lain empty and had become derelict before the builders moved in to tear it down.

May 17, 2012