RADA Festival Success For Hammersmith Playwright

Lily Bevan wrote the play, directed the play and acted as well!

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Celebrity Night at Cafe Red

Trafalgar Studios
14 Whitehall

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The stage is set in a chain "french" restaurant somewhere in the UK, hosting an evening with celebrity chef Roly Ryan. Four tables fill with diners and the audience becomes a fly on the wall, spying on the three couples and one group of three girls on their night out.

The RADA John Gielgud theatre was full on the last night of Lily's production of Celebrity Night at Cafe Red and from the laughter and applause it was appreciated by all!

The couples include a first date (with a language barrier) and a six month anniversary dinner - but are the couple on the same page? Are they in love or about to break up? A middle aged couple where the husband announces he is leaving his boring wife in the "autumn" of her years for a younger lady - but is his wife as boring in the bedroom as he thinks? Finally a desperate singleton has dragged her two "wingmen" as she stalks the celebrity chef, with whom she had shared a one night stand the previous week.

Awarded 4 stars by Time Out which described it as "A classy, likeable exercise in polished surrealism." The Saturday night at the "Frenchest" chain in town - yes, checked tablecloths, plastic onions & grapes abound just in case dinners forget it's French! The menu is certainly not! An evening of love, of awkwardness, danger and mime & "undercooked", "boney" grey squirrel - a environmentally friendly meat for the UK, Roly assures his diners!

Hammersmith resident Lily Bevan, has a BA in Social & Political Sciences from Jesus College, Cambridge and a BA in Acting from RADA.  Comedy is her thing - her play is an hour of giggles, titters and guffaws as the wordplay & banter pan out. However, be prepared for the darker side - references to sexual acts are quite blunt!  If you have a sense of fun and like productions with a bite you should find this a tasty treat!

The production is now off to Trafalgar Studios on 6 & 7 July, 13 & 14 July at 9:45pm plus a matinee on 14 July at 5:00pm

July 5, 2012