Ice Will Follow Snow This Week

Travel out of town before Christmas in jeopardy

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Ice is expected to follow the weekend snow. Temperatures are expected to fall below zero and the Met Office is warning people to take care on the roads.

The A4 and M4 have cleared but traffic out of town is expected to be slow as overnight snow, sleet and ice could hamper travel out of town to Heathrow by road.

Flights are still delayed and BAA the airport operator has told people not to travel to the airport unless they have confirmation of flights.  Many passengers who have flown into the UK have complained of lost baggage. Information from the authorities is limited and passengers are advised to call their travel agents and check websites of flight operators to confirm travel plans.

Tubes and trains out of Hammersmith are only facing mild delays during peak hours but those planning to drive out of town are being warned that widespread disruption could follow depending on how the overnight weather impacts road, rail and air travel. Trains from Paddington to Heathrow are operating a normal service but the Eurostar is facing disruption to services.


December 20, 2010