Cold Snap Does Not Deter Campaigners

Save the Skyline lobbyists angry at Council's obstinate stand

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The cold weather did not deter lobbyists who wanted to block Hammersmith & Fulham Council's plans to redevelop the west side of King's Street.

The Methodist Church near Ravenscourt Park filled with campaigners who were angry at the local Council's obstinate stand to raise the height of the original building plans by two storeys, and failing in thier view, to take local opinions on board.

Campaigners present told Hammersmith Today that they had specific objections with specific solutions. The key objection was the blocking of the skyline by the Council's plan to raise the original plans by two storeys - an addition of at least 20 feet to the original plan and thus marring the skyline.

The second most important issue was the bridge across Furnival Gardens, which campaigners said, were more obtrusive than the original plans set out by the previous Labour government.

People present at the Church told Hammersmith Today the lobby would continue till the key issues were resolved the local Conservative government actually listened to the people who voted them into government.

December 6, 2010