Hammermsith's Christmas Services

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St Peter’s Church, Black Lion Lane
Christmas Eve:
Crib Service
Children’s service at the church. Very popular with the little people.
Service time: 5.30 pm at Church.
Midnight Mass
Lots of carols, and a great time for all. Come along and bring all your house guest.
11.30 pm at Church.
Christmas Day:
Early Communion for Christmas Day
A quiet, said service for Christmas that follows the Book of Common Prayer (1662).
8 am at Church.
Parish Communion for Christmas
All Age communion celebrating the Nativity of Our Lord. All welcome!
10.30 am at Church.

St Paul’s Church
Christmas Eve - Midnight Service, 11.30pm
Christmas Day - Family Service, 10am, Holy Communion 11am
St Mary’s Church W14
Christmas Eve 24th December
11:15pm Holy Communion
Traditional 1662 service in church
Christmas Day 25th December
10:35am Holy Communion
All-age family service

Holy Trinity Church Brook Green
Friday 24th December - Christmas Eve
9.30 am - Mass
11 am - 12 - Confessions with Fr James
6 pm - Children's Christmas Eve Mass
8.30 pm - Syrian Catholic Community Christmas Mass
11.30 pm - Mass of Midnight (starts 11.30 pm prompt)
Saturday 25th December - Christmas Day
8.30 am - Mass (said)
10 am - Mass with hymns
11.30 am - Solemn Mass
The church will close at 1 pm and there will be no evening services

December 22, 2010