Pop -up Yoga Classes Come to Ravenscourt Park

Your chance to cleanse your body this summer

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Yoga Fitness


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London-based Yoga Fitness has teamed up with Hammersmith Community Gardens to run pop-up yoga classes at Ravenscourt Park glasshouses.

The classes will run every week until the autumn, following a set timetable, and cost £9-£11.

The week starts on Monday at 7am with the dynamic, challenging Vinyasa yoga, which means ‘breath-synchronized movement’. These classes use movements that are fluid and almost dance-like.

The trademark class, detox yoga, runs on Tuesday at 6:30pm, and aims to cleanse the body with specific twists and stretches. On Thursday, Vinyasa returns at 9.30am and on Saturday at 11am is the most intense type of yoga out of the three, hot power yoga, which involves vigorous cardio in heated surroundings.

This is a perfect way to exercise this summer, especially in a peaceful environment. All profits will go towards future projects run by Hammersmith Community Gardens and with every class you receive a voucher for 10% off at the Ravenscourt Park Tea House.

Yoga is about spiritually, mentally and physically cleansing your body so come and join in!

H & F Council is encouraging everyone to get active by running a #summerofsport Twitter campaign.

For more information and a full timetable (updated weekly) visit Yoga Fitness

August 5, 2014