Some Ways To Make Extra Cash In London

And if you take the taxi driver option, suggestions on who to insure with


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People all over the UK are being affected by the seemingly never-ending recession, but none more than the inhabitants of the capital. Rent is as much as a third higher in the capital, as are prices for food, drink and services.

A lot of people move here to chase their dreams. Unfortunately dreams don’t always pay so well - at least not at first. Here are some great ways to supplement your income that will not steal your time or flexibility.

Work as an extra

This is a fun way to make a little money on the side, while also getting your face into adverts, TV programmes and even movies. This is also a way in to acting, or any kind of TV or film work. Try Universal Extras or Casting Collective - you don’t have to pay to join either. You’ll be especially sort after if you possess specific skills, such as fencing, where you could find yourself being paid to swordfight.


A great idea for burgeoning musicians. Not only can you make a little money, but you can also showcase your talents. If you're in a band, it gives you an opportunity to try out your new songs in public (though playing well-known covers will make you more money). Try to look smart though, as busking is still associated with begging.

Model (for artists)

Though this is more physically demanding than you’d imagine, good money can be made posing nude for artists. You’ll need to join the Register of Artists’ Models, which will cost around £30, then strike several poses for a few hours for students and tutors. It can pay up to £12 an hour.

Sell your hair

Yes, it seems you can grow money like a self-employed sheep. Wig makers and hairdressers working with extensions are always on the lookout for good quality manes to harvest. They ask that hair be natural (not coloured or permed) and at least 6 inches long. If your hair passes the test, it'll be shorn off on the spot and you'll be paid up front. Easy money.

Wash cars or windows

This is a good thing to do at the weekends when people are in. No one really likes doing these jobs themselves and will usually be happy to pay someone else to do it for them. Just try and look trustworthy and you’re sure to get more jobs.

Go flyering

Fantastically easy money, though it can get cold during the winter. You can flyer for shops during the day, or clubs and bars during the evening. Although flyering during the night will expose you to reduced temperatures, you’ll probably get reduced or free drinks at the establishment you flyer for. Just be sure not to spend all the money you make there.

Become a taxi driver

Despite the amount you see driving around, finding a taxi when you need it is nigh on impossible. As such, the capital surely needs some more. Becoming a taxi driver (either Hackney Carriage or minicab) will take a little in start-up capital but is a great way to make a living wage and still remain flexible with your time. A lot of artists, especially musicians, choose to do this to pay the bills.

In addition to your car, you are going to need start up cash for taxi insurance too, which is a legal requirement. This may seem daunting, but cheap taxi insurance can be found online if you look around.


January 10, 2014