Reasons You Should Try A Bollywood Film

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If you’ve never stepped into the hyper-active, fantastically brash and bold world of Bollywood movies, now is the perfect time to jump in and give them a try. Whether you’re a cinematic buff after something a little different, or just want to mix up your nights out, the Bollywood film experience is definitely a memorable one.

Fantastic fantasy

Bollywood films aren’t always renowned for having a gritty, realistic approach to things – instead, it’s all about embracing a bold, fantastical and idealistic approach to life. So don’t be too confused if a musical interlude with a glamorous troupe of dancers pops up midway in a fight scene, or if your romantic couple are somehow whisked to a luxurious snowy landscape or tropical beach for a musical canoodle. Just go with the flow!

A different take on story telling

It’s not all random singing and dancing however. Great film lovers will have their eyes on the Oscars 2014 to get pointers on what to watch this year, but Bollywood has a wealth of brilliant stories too. There are starry-eyed tragic romances, slapstick comedies, and more challenging dramas that explore modern relationships, both in India and abroad. And of course, there's the classic ‘masala’ film – a mash up of big song and dance numbers, bombastic fight scenes and a gorgeous lead couple, all held together by a slightly threadbare narrative. The Bollywood approach to sexuality is more demure than that seen in Western movies, so don’t expect any steamy bedroom action, although things are getting a little raunchier!

Awesome soundtracks (and dance moves to match)

One thing you’re guaranteed to get with a Bollywood film is a brilliant musical soundtrack. Unlike Hollywood, Bollywood doesn’t expect its stars to sing themselves, and there is a thriving industry for singers to act as playback singers, which actors then lip-synch to. You might recognise a melody from a popular Western hit – the recent viral phenomenon Gangnam Style, is just one song to get a Bollywood makeover. Film composers also take inspiration from traditional Indian classical and folk music. To top it all off, there will usually be an intricately choreographed dance routine, which you will inevitably try to recreate in your living room later!

Some pretty tasty eye candy

Bollywood has its fair share of eye candy – unsurprising considering that many actors find their way on to the silver screen after spending an initial warm up period as models. The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai is just one example, a former Miss Universe, and now a stable Bollywood icon, and there are plenty of male counterparts too. As well as the human eye candy factor, Bollywood movies embrace lavish sets and vivid colours wholeheartedly – so expect to be taken on a 2 hour journey through a rainbow of dusty streets, ancient palaces, wedding processions, sun drenched beaches and ultra-glossy nightclubs. All of which leaves your standard Hollywood flick looking a little dull and drab by comparison!


March 20, 2014