H&F Has the UK's Highest Number of CCTV Cameras Per Person

Borough planning to spend £5million more to upgrade monitoring technology

H&F Has the UK's Highest Number of CCTV Cameras Per Person
Council says CCTV is to protect women and cut down on street attacks

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is to spend £5 million on CCTV despite already having a camera for every 100 residents the most of any local authority area in the UK.

There are 1,869 cameras in public spots across the borough most in housing estates.

The council says the extra cameras are part of a move to protect women and help cut down on streets attacks.

Now it will update its CCTV and add in sensors and portable cameras which it says will help to identify criminals and tackle gang violence.

A recent Freedom of Information request from Get Licensed revealed Hammersmith and Fulham has more cameras per person than any other local authority.

Speaking at Hammersmith and Fulham’s cabinet meeting this Monday night (7 March) deputy leader Sue Fennimore said, “What this investment does is enables us to expand our CCTV, upgrade where we need to and take advantage of new and modern technology.

“Let’s be clear, CCTV helps a huge deal in the justice system. The police rely on that system and our working relationship partnership with the police on this is crucial.”

The council currently has a team of 12 staff monitoring CCTV across the borough. There are 1,209 cameras on housing estates, 581 cameras in public areas, and the council has 79 mobile cameras it can move around quickly.

A council report into CCTV says, “This will give us not only the most extensive CCTV system in the country but also the most technologically advanced.

“The murders across London of Sarah Everard, Nicole Smallman, Bibaa Henry and Sabina Nessa have brought into sharp focus our urgent duty to do all we can to protect women and girls in public places.

“Our extensive CCTV network plays a key role in keeping women and girls safe in Hammersmith and Fulham.”

The council has also invested £4.6 million in keeping council officers on its streets. A team of 72 law enforcement officers has been set up to conduct weapon searches and with the aim of helping residents feel safer.

Last month the enforcement officers searched playgrounds for knives as well as hunting for weapons across the White City Estate.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council has spent a further £1 million on a specialised Gangs Unit to help protect children and young people.

Westminster council has 1,565 cameras in operation in its borough, while Kensington and Chelsea has 58.

Jacob Phillips - Local Democracy Reporter

March 8, 2022