Calls Made for Removal of Spikes Placed by Thames Path

Measure to people sitting on wall at Fulham Reach 'spoils the view'

The spikes stop people using popular viewing spot

Riverside residents are outraged after metal spikes were installed along a popular viewing spot on the Thames Path between Hammersmith and Fulham.

Locals are fuming after their favourite viewing spot was taken from them when Berkeley Group put spikes on top of a wall on the river next to its Fulham Reach development, where properties range from £840,000 to £1.45 million.

The route offers stunning views of the river and the historic Hammersmith Bridge but many locals feel the spikes have spoiled the picturesque area.

Anthony Jefferson said, “What a terrible eyesore this is! How ghastly!”

Dood Lloyd-Hughes said, “Why prevent people from enjoying nature? No reason is good enough.”

Hammersmith resident Amber said the spikes have spoiled one of her favourite outdoor spots in London. She added, “I moved to Hammersmith in summer 2019 and loved sitting on the river wall near the Fulham Reach development. However, somewhere mid-2020 the Berkeley Group put spikes on the river wall to prevent people from sitting there. It’s spoiled a nice place for Hammersmith and Fulham residents to sit in the summer, it was always very busy in the summertime.”

Many locals are puzzled by the spikes and cannot understand why they were put there. Some guessed they might be a safety measure to stop people falling in the river but claim they do not work.

Emma Hall said, “They’ve been there for a while now. They’re meant to be a deterrent to stop people sitting in such a precarious and dangerous place. But it hasn’t made a difference!”

Amber guessed the spikes could be there to stop people falling in the river but says they are not obvious enough to stop people trying to sit there. She added: “People still sit there now but it’s decidedly less comfortable.”

Clare Guinness said, “Personally think it is ridiculous – ruining a spot that people enjoy that doesn’t cost a penny. If skateboarders were using it, they deserve the injuries they got! And bumps would have sorted it – not spikes. Waste of money ruining a free spot!”

Elizabeth Bailey said, “They should remove them. Everybody who sits there is well aware of the risk.”

Berkeley Group has been contacted for comment.


Hannah Neary – Local Democracy Reporter

April 4, 2022

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