Woman Shot with Air Rifle on A4

Sniper targets driver in stationary traffic

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A 46 year old woman was shot with an air rifle as she sat in traffic on the Great West Road in Hammersmith. The incident occurred at 9.45am on 24th May outside the BP garage at Cromwell North.

Due to the current spell of hot weather she had her windows down. She felt a sharp sting on her left upper arm and saw that there was a small round cut. She then noticed an air rifle pellet falling to the floor. She did not see who shot her but she was stationary outside the flats near this junction. She was not seriously hurt by the attack.

Twenty minutes earlier a 38 year old woman was walking by the Great West Road on the north footway near the junction with Macbeth Street. As she was sending a text message she passed a block of flats on her right side. She felt a sharp pain in her upper right arm and then heard something hit the floor. She was left with a cut on her arm and bruising. She did not see the person responsible.

If you have any information to aid the investigation of these incidents you are asked to call the Crime management unit at Fulham Police Station on 0208 246 2814. If you know anyone who may have been in the vicinity at the time please forward this item to them.

May 25, 2007