Twenty Years for Talgarth Road Murder

Thomas Kearney murdered David Remmer for his holiday money

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A man who stabbed his victim to death on Talgarth Road in order to steal his holiday money has been sentenced to 20 years in jail at the Old Bailey.

David Remmer's body was found on the 13th December last year in the hostel where he lived. The 35 year old man had been stabbed 54 times.

A blood-covered kitchen knife was found at the scene along with shoes fellow resident Thomas Kearney had been seen wearing on CCTV. The shoes were also covered in David Remmer's blood.

Mr. Remmer had been planning a trip to Thailand and had been carrying £3,000 which was missing when his body was found. He had been due to fly on December 6th but went drinking before his trip because he was a nervous flyer. He was refused boarding because of his condition and returned to his home at 1am following day.

Kearney who lived above Mr Remmer heard him trying to break into the hostel because he had forgotten his keys. The two men left the hostel together and returned later that night. Mr Remmer was not seen again until relatives raised the alarm and hostel staff found his body.

The police issued a European arrest warrant for Kearney who had fled to Irealnd and he was arrested by Garda officers on January 2nd.

At the trial it emerged that the first thing Kearney did after killing Mr. Remner was to search through his pockets.

September 19, 2013