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Incident: Serious Assault
Date & Time: 29/05/05 11pm
Location: Opposite The George Public House, Hammersmith Broadway,W6
Victim is a 21-year-old male who was crossing the road when he noticed a small black vehicle waiting at the lights. He carried on up the road when the same black vehicle pulled up next to him, and an Asian male got out of the vehicle walked up to him and punched him in the face knocking him unconscious. He does not remember any thing else until he woke up being spoken to by 3 female passers-by.  They told him the assailant had continued to punch him about the head even after he had fallen to the ground. He was treated at New Charing Cross Hospital. He sustained a fractured jaw, a broken nose and cuts and grazes to his face arm and hip. There is no known motive for the attack.

Any witnesses or information to DC Derek Quarm Hammersmith CID on 0208 246 2505

Incident: Robbery
Date & Time: 30/05/05 7am
Location: White City Close, W12
Victim is a 31-year-old female who was on her way to work at the BBC when she was approached by a male who demanded her mobile phone. There was a struggle and the suspect removed her phone from her pocket. The struggle continued and the male hit the victim in the face with a chair leg with a nail or screw embedded in the end. The victim sustained a fractured cheekbone and severe facial swelling. She received 6 external stitches and 2 internal stitches to the mouth. The property taken was valued at £200.

The suspect is described as a black male, early twenties wearing an olive green zip up jacket; he had untidy hair and was of athletic build.

Any witnesses or information to Hammersmith Robbery Squad on 0208 246 2678

Incident: Theft of Motor Vehicle
Date & Time: 30/05/05 5.40pm
Location: Scrubs Lane, NW10
Four suspects entered business premises pretending to be from a nearby music studio. Within 30 seconds the staff asked them to leave. After they left the staff heard an engine start but did not realise that one of the group had lifted a set of keys to the company van, and that it was their van that was being driven off by the group until a few minutes later. The van, valued at £13,000 was later discovered by the company abandoned in Eynham Road, W12. There was damage to the door and a TV and play station has been stolen from inside.

The suspects are described as four white males. Two of them were 6’ tall and the other two were much smaller, all wearing hoodie type clothing.

Any witnesses or information to TDC John Stewart Hammersmith Burglary Squad on 0208 246 2644

Incident: Theft of plant machinery
Date & Time: 30/05/05 10.30pm
Location: Roxwell Road, W12
Two JCB digger/excavators were stolen from road works between 10.30pm and Midnight. They had been left chained to other plant in the street where gas pipes were being laid. Apparently the suspects drove up in a white transit van with a trailer, blowtorched the chains, hotwired them and drove them onto the trailer and away.

One digger was found abandoned in Mitre Way, NW10 and was subsequently recovered by the victim. The other a yellow JCB 8015 Excavator valued at £11000 is still missing.

The suspects are described as three white males. The first aged about 40, 5’10” tall with cropped black hair and a black beard was wearing a grey hooded top and jeans. The second was about 29, 5’10” with short black hair and the third about 27 6’ tall with short blond hair wearing a white top and jeans and a reflective tabard.

Any witnesses or information to DC Martin Ferguson Hammersmith Vehicle Squad on 0208 246 2623

Incident: Robbery
Date & Time: 31/05/05 10.30pm
Location: Erconwald Street, W12
Victim is a 31-year-old female who had just got off the train at East Acton Underground Station when two males approached her from behind. One of them put his hand over her mouth and told her to shut up. He held her while the other removed her bum bag from round her waist before making off with her property valued at £1600.

One of the suspects is described as a white male aged about 16 years old,  5’9” tall, wearing a black hooded top.
Any witnesses or information to PC Martin Flack Hammersmith Robbery Squad on 0208 246 2678

Incident: Burglary
Date & Time: 01/06/05 1.35am
Location: Westway, W12
Victim is a 47-year-old male who called police when he saw a man in his rear garden looking in through his back door. Police arrived and arrested a man who had apparently been stealing from the garden shed. A hedge trimmer valued at £80 was recovered and restored to the victim. Craig Morris 27/02/1983 of 77 Ellenborough House, W12 was charged with burglary and was remanded in custody to appear at West London Magistrates Court on 02/06/05

Incident: Serious Incident
Date & Time: 27/05/05 10.35am
Location: Niton Street, SW6
Victim is a 33-year-old parking attendant who was about to issue a ticket to an unattended vehicle. The driver appeared and the warden said he would give him five minutes to put some money in the machine or he would issue the ticket. The warden went away and returned five minutes later. The driver had still not paid so he began writing the ticket. The driver then appeared waving a large machete at the victim and threatened to kill the victim. The victim ran off chased by the suspect. Fortunately the victim managed to outrun the suspect.

The suspect is described as a black male aged about 37. 5’11” tall, he was wearing a faded grey baseball cap and white trousers covered in paint.

Any witnesses or information to PC Phil Webb Fulham Beat Crimes Unit on 0208 246 2864

Incident: Stabbing
Date & Time: 26/05/05 1pm
Location: West 12 Shopping Centre, Shepherd's Bush Green, W12
Victim is a 63-year-old female who was on her way to the opticians when she saw a 15-year-old youth cycling on the pavement. She shouted at the cyclist and carried on down the road. She then felt a punch on the left shoulder and saw the cyclist pass her at speed. She then got on a bus where a member of the public informed her that she was bleeding. She made her way to New Charing Cross Hospital where it was discovered that she had been stabbed in the shoulder and required stitches.

Any witnesses or information to DS Karl Wilkinson Hammersmith CID on 0208 246 2505

Incident: Robbery
Date & Time: 23/05/05 at 11.59am
Location: Argyll Mansions, Hammersmith Road, W14
Victim is a 28 year-old female who was walking home from work when she was pushed to the ground. The suspects then grabbed the victims bag and got hold of her wrist and took her watch. The victim was not injured and did not need medical attention.

The property taken was valued at £207.
The two suspects are described as black and about 20 years.
The first suspect was tall and was wearing a black hoody; the second suspect was also wearing a black hoody.
Any witnesses or information to PC Pandya Hammersmith Robbery Squad on 0208 246 2678

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