Borough Commander Lucy D'Orsi to Move to New Job

Chief Superintendent says thanks and farewell to community

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Chief Superintendent Lucy D'Orsi is set to leave her current role as Hammersmith & Fulham Met Police Borough Commander to take up a new posting within the Met on March 3.

On her blog, the Borough Commander writes this message of thanks and farewell:

"Change is all part of life so change is also part of policing. The Metropolitan Police Service which started in 1829 has changed hugely since those Georgian days when only men could serve within the ranks and top hats and rattles were the main equipment of a ‘Peeler’.

" Although many things have changed within the Met in the decades since then, the principles that were laid down for the police of the the capital still hold true. Protecting life and property, preventing crime and catching those committing crime and through it all policing with the assistance, help and consent of the public are still the bedrock of what we do.

" So although we now use lots of new technology our officers & staff are still out there for the very same reasons as set down 185 years ago. Day in, day out my officers and Community Support Officers use their skill, determination and, quite often, bravery to make a difference. They run towards things that most people would run away from.

" Take PC Tony Morgan, one of my response officers, who recently won the Commissioners Award for best thief taker and best police officer in the Met. Tony has arrested in 212 suspects in the last 11 months which works out at about 2 arrests per shift including arrests for murder, rape and robbery. Arrest is of course just one part of an investigation, however due the quality of Tony’s work, over 80% of his arrests resulted in caution, charge or other form of sanction. Tony is a tireless crimefighter and I am very proud of him.

" Hammersmith & Fulham is no stranger to the Commissioners awards with Shepherd's Bush Green Safer Neighbourhood Team winning the award for best Safer Neighbourhood Team the year before last.

" These awards by definition can only go to a few people but the determination and effort of all the officers and staff on the borough over the last 3 years has resulted in significant reductions in crime including a huge reduction in home burglary. The borough team have worked hard alongside our community and partners such as the local authority to make the borough safer.

" This focus will be helped with the roll out of tablet devices to front line officers in the spring as part of the Commissioners digital policing strategy which we are all excited about.

" That is why it is with some sadness that I announce that I will be leaving the borough at the end of the month to take up new challenges in another part of the Met. It has been my pleasure to command such a fine bunch of officers and staff, meet so many local people and partners, to understand and tackle (hopefully) the issues facing the borough over the last few years.

" The support of local community and partners (in particular the local authority) has been a key part in our successes so thank you for this. Crime is down to an historic low in Hammersmith & Fulham which I am very proud to have been part of delivering. It was always my aim to make the Borough became a safer place for everyone who lives, works or socialises here.

" So a change of borough commander but absolutely no change in the basic principles of what we do. Fighting crime, protecting people."

February 20, 2014